When clean water is needed  



When clean water is needed

1. Commercial
"We approach our customers through market & product diversification.”

Microfilter continuously analyze water quality in order to develop optimized filtration methods for commercial use. 

Through the diversification of HORECA, we offer our customers with various water solutions and constantly monitor to provide

the best water tasting experience. In addition, we develop various customized filtration systems that can be applied for both commercial and residential use. 

Microfilter will continue to contribute in improving our customers’ environment and prioritize in expanding the value of customer experience with more specialized product lineup. 

2. Residential
"We've always been with customers“

We are exposed to numerous risk factors in our daily lives due to  environmental changes. In response to these environmental changes, we are committed to improve water quality in different countries and areas. 

3. ODM

In 1993, MICROFILTER has succeeded in localization of household water filter based on its joint technology with Omnipure. We have become a professional water treatment ODM company that provides comprehensive water treatment solution through continuous competition with famous companies in foreign countries. Currently, We are a global NO.1 ODM Company that covers global appliance refrigerator filter and household / commercial filter system. Always experience successful business with MICROFILTER, which provides customer satisfaction with the highest quality and best technology.


Refrigerator Filter

Residential System

4. Material

MICROFILTER, based on 20 years of accumulated technology and know-how, has been expanding business area from producing 'Carbon Block', 'UF Membrane' and 'Industrial Sediment' to complete products.

1) Carbon Block

MICROFILTER has secured uniformity of quality through using the extrusion method and the carbon block continuous manufacturing process applied by global companies. Carbon block with high strength and clean appearance made by MICROFILTER prevents dust desorption and breakage during transportation. Additionally, the initial derivatives are so low to be used without flushing that who could use it convenient.

2) UF Membrane

UF Membrane refers to hollow fiber membranes, which are hollow membranes inside the yarn. When you open the filter, you can see that there is a bundle of threads, and the whole filter will act as a filter. UF Membrane of Microfilter uses organic acid which is harmless to human body when manufacturing hollow fiber membrane, and it has more safe and excellent filtration performance. In addition, to meet customers' demand for more safe water, Virus has been developed to remove the hollow fiber membrane.

3) Industrial Cartridge Filter

Microfilter supplies industrial water treatment filter products such as CMP for semiconductors, chemical filters, and food and beverage filters throughout the industry. Microfilter's industrial filters have merits of high efficiency and rich flow with microfilter's own unique technology. In addition, we also offer a variety of shapes and special membrane products to meet customers' needs.

Carbon Block

UF Membrane

Carbon Block

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